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Desert Landscaping Ideas

Desert Landscaping Ideas

There are many kinds of desert landscaping ideas that can you apply. Those ideas have many kinds of specialty. Now, I want to share you about what kinds these ideas.

Desert Landscaping Ideas

Two example of desert idea that I want to tell you are private resident idea and simple desert landscape.

  • The first one is private residence that is completed by many kinds of desert plants like palms and other plants that give beautiful colors leaves like green and also yellow flowers. This idea is completed by a pool that is not really big. This model is suitable for you who want to have a private area to be enjoyed. With beautiful views of the decorations of the plants, you will feel that you are in a desert enjoying the sunlight.
  • The second one is simple desert landscape that is completed by many kinds of deserts plants like cactus and palm. The ground is decorated by desert sands that show the desert atmosphere. You can apply this idea in your garden that is completed by walkway and desert stones that are lighted by lamp. It will give the most beautiful view at night by the light of the lamp.

So, which one of the idea that you will choose now? Those ideas are very amazing look!


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